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The palette we paint from is a collection of ideas and colors represented by our character. The science is black and white, but we like to tinker with it a little... There is no form. There is no structure. To us, this is a form of art. Another canvas to paint on. A mechanism of color to enhance the lives of those who appreciate it. A rebellion against the normative standard of rules and mass production. That which is made in small amounts. Displaying the highest quality in craftsmanship and ingredients. Our Commitment, The Brothers/Winemakers Artisan Uprising


 Specializing in Ultra Premium Wines grown in Paso Robles, California, Artisan Uprising was created by brothers David and William after years of making wines solely for our family. Originally inspired to try out what we had learned from our grandfather and our heritage of making wine each year, we found ourselves making more than the family could drink. Along with winning several awards from competition, we have developed our own style, and preferences for achieving it. Now that we make enough to share, we have held true to our process and mindset of how our wine should be made. Our grapes are sourced from some of the best growers for high-end wines, our methods are slightly unconventional, and the science backs it all up. This is handcrafted wine two people can make. Unfiltered and un-stripped, our wines present some sediment in the bottle that we believe enhances the overall texture and ability for the wine to develop and age for years to come. Our wines are unique, they are what we like, and while quality of this scale has a broad appeal, it cannot be mass- produced. It is a true Artisan product.

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